We enjoyed a very busy and productive semester! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Led by Jen, we concluded stream fish sampling at Arnold Air Force Base. Now the real fun begins as Jen gets to figure out exactly which snubnose darter she's looking at.
  • Kit's fall classes made some local excursions, including a trip to Chattanooga for a sweet behind-the-scenes tour at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute - great people and an amazing facility.
  • The whole gang attended the Southeastern Fishes Council Annual Meeting in Knoxville, and Jen and Mack both presented posters focused on their projects. The meeting is always fantastic and reminds us of all the interesting work being done with fishes in our amazing region. To top it off, Mack won 2nd place in the graduate student poster competition.
  • Raising our profile, Jen, Mack, and Abbey all gave presentations about their ongoing research to a variety of audiences all the way from Tennessee Tech to Utah. It's only a matter of time before we receive an avalanche of interest in the lab...